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Posted By: Redous on 15th of September 2013 16:38
Welcome to Sphyx Media

Sphyx Media is a high-quality, value-priced, professional webdesign company founded in 2010 by Craig Booth. Our goal is to deliver a product that both you and your customers will be stunned by visually and find easy and pleasing to use. When we design a website, it is designed for the customers needs - we take care when coding and designing so you wont have to - this means that even if you don't know anything about websites, you will still be able to run yours efficiently!

Posted By: Redous on 15th of September 2013 16:45
New Updates
I will be updating the site with some new features.

Forums - Will be getting forums up and running.
Management - Management script that will allow me to set projects and deadlines and assign them to my minions.
Content Update - The major priority is getting the site central for all viewers has you can see in firefox the site is anchored to the left slightly. I am working on a fix for firefox users.

Please email any bugs you may find with the site to my email address found in the contacts page.

Posted By: Redous on 30th of January 2014 02:01
Weekly Updates
Hopefully i will be able to start getting weekly updates for Sphyx Media, At the moment i have been busy with a clients website which can be found here

The site is built around my own content management system which is still in the project stage of design but has you can see the site looks good there are however some points in the site that arent operational yet but will be eventually.

Posted By: Redous on 30th of March 2014 14:15
Poorly designed websites cost retailers hundreds of millions of pounds per year in missed sales, a survey shows today. So why should your company suffer because of a poorly designed website. It shouldnt so come to Sphyx Media and get a website that not only will wow your customers but will be suitable, professional and easy to navigate.

Posted By: Admin on 31st of March 2014 16:14
Code Update
I have been busy updating the website code as many people will know some coding has been deprecated with the latest release therefore sections of the website have been down. Some modules will still be down due to issues with the coding that will no longer work these are being rewritten to bring the whole CMS in line with the current code style.


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